Community Choirs in the Hastings, Port Macquarie Area

Bella Bago a capella choir

Bella Bago choir was formed in 2000. Over the years, many residents from all over the Hastings area have sung with Bella Bago.

Jazz and more

Wednesday a capella

Wednesday is a group of 8 singers who get together on a Wednesday night to sing. The group was established by Elly Franchimont in 2009. Elly conducts 2 community choirs and had a strong need to be part of a group as a singer. The group attempts to tackle some more complex jazz pieces and also some original songs composed by Wednesday singers.

Kelelly is an a cappella jazz duo made up of Elly Franchimont and Kelesi Woodhouse. Both Elly and Kelesi are experienced jazz vocalists with their own unique jazz style. As a duo they compliment each other beautifully.

Wednesday and Kelelly are available for events. For enquiries you can contact Elly here.